Tao literally means “The Way”. The Tao is of Chinese origin, the Tao emphasizes living in harmony. It is a mysterious and deep principle that is the source, pattern and substance of the entire universe. Over the journey of Sesame Flyers 39 years of operation we believe we have been guided by a force that is greater that we can understand. This force has shown us the way of how to support our families and celebrate our culture. This way is the natural path of least resistance and maximum effectiveness. The way has kept us around for almost 4 decades and is now leading us to our destiny. We honor our journey, the way we have discovered and embrace our destiny as we celebrate 40 years of service in 2023.


Our accomplishments and accolades are many, including thirteen times LARGE BAND OF THE YEAR title in Brooklyn, New York (LABOR DAY CARNIVAL). But the competition is not what it is all about. "Our main focus is YOU," whereby you are outfitted with good costumes and have a great experience on the road. Great costuming and our masqueraders experience are the elements that made our band and success possible. "WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO MANY CARNIVALS TO COME."

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